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I wish to have this watch as a replacement. As to the price, if you remember from my other order 1346, you agreed to give me 30% off my next order. I will not push you for the discount, but just accept the swap and you pay the postage. I am ready to send you the replica watches sale, so please let me know the address. I didn't realise you were the same company as before - please see our correspondence below regarding order 1346 where you sent me the wrong replica watches sale. As a solution for both orders, how about if I send you back the swiss replica watches sale, and you send me a replacement Rolex that I choose? This will take care of the refund of the Omega and the discount you proposed on the Rolex. I will choose a cartier replica sale in the next few days and let you know. Can we just discuss and agree which watch I will choose before you send. I emailed you yesterday to ask if you have the latest 2011 Rolex explorer 2 with wider hands? If not I will choose another watch. I do not agree with having to pay more for shipping when you buy it already made the payment of such carriage.
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